The Names of Queen Elizabeth II



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Will and Kate taking a stroll through the grounds of Government House in Canberra | April 20, 2014

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I would like to share the happiest day of my life with all my fans all over the world whose love and blessings have been part of my journey all these years. I know that all my well-wishers who have waited for this day will be really happy for me. It was a beautiful wedding in the Italian countryside with just a few of our close family and friends with us. The one person I missed terribly was Yash Uncle, but I know he was there with us in spirit and his love and blessings will always be with Adi and me. I have always believed in fairy-tales and with God’s grace my life has been exactly like one, and now as I enter the most important chapter of my life - the fairy-tale continues.

- Rani Mukerji’s official statement on getting married to Aditya Chopra (dated 22nd April, 2014)

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